Schulstandorte in NRW

Der vorliegende Datenbestand / Dienst zu den Schulstandorten in NRW stammt aus der Schuldatenbank. Die Informationen werden von den Schultr├Ągern bzw. Schulen selbst eingetragen und aktuell gehalten. Die Daten werden tagesaktuell bereitgestelt und enthalten alle grundlegenden Informationen zu Schulen wie Schulnummer, Schulbezeichnung und Adresse.

When provided as vector tiles, the data is portioned into spatial tiles, where the size of the tiles depends on the scale/zoom level. The spatial organization in a tiling scheme is defined by a Tile Matrix Set.

The tiles provided by this API according to OGC API Tiles in the commonly used "WebMercatorQuad" tiling scheme can also be used in applications that do not directly support the OGC API specification, as long as they support one of the following options:
  • In many applications tile sets can be specified via a URL template according to the so-called 'xyz' scheme, where '{z}' is the zoom level and '{y}' or {x}' are the row or column in the tile grid of the zoom level. To do this, copy the URL template and use it in the application.
  • TileJSON is a commonly used format for describing tile sets, which contains metadata about the tile set in addition to the URL template. If applications support TileJSON, copy the TileJSON URL and use it in the application.

Tile Matrix Set
URL template